Linden Projects
Linden projects
Fairfield Towers
Sorry I couldn't find any pictures of the Boulevard Projects. Send them if you have them, and I will post them.



If anybody has pictures of PS213, PS224, PS273,

or PS306, please send them in so I can post them.
If you also have pictures of the local school yards,
parks, or local landmarks, please send those too.
Thanks in advance.
PS 190
George Gershwin Junior High School 166
Main Entrance Pennsylvania Ave
Thomas Jefferson High School
Looking north along Pennsylvania Avenue
Which did you like better?
I couldn't find any pictures of Johnny the Ice Cream man.....

....but I did find Mister Softee and Chow Chow Cup
Mister Softee
Chow Chow Cup

Fifteen cents for a slice and 10 cents for a coke.
More photos to come as we get them.







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